Can`t get Refresher to work

So, I have included Vaadin in a existent project, instead of creating a new Vaadin Project. Everything is working fine, but I can`t get Refresher to work. Steps that I made:

1 - In, web.xml, included:

            <description>Application widgetset</description>

2 - Created, in the same package of the application, a package named widgetset, and inside it, created a file named PyxisAppWidgetset.gwt.xml, with the following content:

    <!-- Inherit super widgetset -->
    <inherits name="com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.DefaultWidgetSet" /> 
    <inherits name="com.github.wolfie.refresher.RefresherApplicationWidgetset" />

3 - With the file PyxisAppWidgetset.gwt.xml selected, hit the “Compile Widgetset” button.

4 - Dropped the jar for Refresher in the Web-inf/lib.

When I go to the site, I get the following message:

Widgetset does not contain implementation for com.github.wolfie.refresher.Refresher. Check its @ClientWidget mapping, widgetsets GWT module description file and re-compile your widgetset. In case you have downloaded a vaadin add-on package, you might want to refer to add-on instructions. Unrendered UIDL:
-Unrendered UIDL
-com.github.wolfie.refresher.Refresher(NO CLIENT IMPLEMENTATION FOUND) id=PID15 pollinginterval=500

Considerations: Im using Vaadin 6.8 and Refresher 1.1.1. I cant use the wizard for adding widgetset because, like I mentioned earlier, my project is not a Vaadin project. Any light for me?


Well an obvious problem is that steps 3 and 4 should be the other way around; the compiler needs the Refresher source code. What does the GWT compiler say?