can´t create new theme with wizzard

hi everybody

in my vaadin 7 / maven project i can´t create new themes with the wizzard.
i always get this error message:“No suitable project found”

can somebody help me?

The plug-in doesn’t support most operations for a project that is not a Vaadin Eclipse project. Thus, some of the wizards don’t work for Maven projects - in this case, the wizard doesn’t know how to find the main/webapps directory.

That said, creating a theme should be almost trivial by hand as well. If you don’t want to write the SCSS files yourself, you can create an empty Vaadin Eclipse project and a theme in it and copy the files, or create a Maven project with the latest application archetype which (if I recall correctly) contains a theme.

Ok and thank you for the info. Now it works :smiley:

while creating the theme File->New->Others->Vaadin Theme-> Next… dont enter you own name. just select the project and the theme will be created with the project name appending “theme” in it… if you create your own named theme, ull get an error like " no suitable project"…

I am starting with Vaadin and had exactly the same problem, in that, Eclipse complains that “No suitable project was found” when attempting to create a new theme.
I tried the following -

  1. Created a Vaadin 7 project in eclipse (not maven).
  2. Configured the project for maven nature.
  3. I am now able to get Eclipse to create a theme.
    Ofcourse I have quite some issues with maven dependencies, which need to be fixed.

Are there any pitfalls in this method?