can Navigator7 provide a way to navigate based on a query parameter ?

I am trying to use Navigator7 in a secured application which uses redirects to a central authentication server to authenticate users. When the user is redirected back to the vaadin url, the hash is removed, and therefore the home page is shown instead of the required page


I request :

which then redirects to my cas server, and redirects back with

What I would like to do is specify

Therefore causing the parameter to be retained after the redirects.

I managed to do this via workaround in my home page class :

	public void attach() {
		VaadinApplication va = (VaadinApplication)NavigableApplication.getCurrentNavigableAppLevelWindow().getNavigableApplication();
		String queryFragment = va.getQueryFragment();
		if (Strings.isSet(queryFragment)) {
			getWindow().executeJavaScript("window.location.href='#" + queryFragment + "'");

However the home page is rendered as usual, then after a short pause (for a second ajax call back to the server) the target page is shown.

Ideally the _page parameter would be processed in the initial http request so that the targeted page can be shown immediately. Is this something that you can do in navigator7 ?