Can I use JBoss SwitchYard with Vaadin 7 in Eclipse project?

Dear community,

I’d like to use the latest JBoss SwitchYard ( with the latest Vaadin 7 in Eclipse IDE with Vaadin, Liferay and JBoss plug-ins. We’d like to use features like business process planning integrated with Vaadin. Is that possible, and if yes, how? Does it require some custom coding, and if yes, how much? I’d like to have some manual how to do this integration. In the case the solution needs a lot of development, the result could be contributed to the community. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I have sent this question also to Vaadin commercial support to ensure I will have answer. Any help is welcome. Thanks.

You should have a look at the Using JavaScript section of the
Vaadin 7 wiki
So depending on what your js library is all about you could use it as an extension or a custom javascript component. (I personally don’t know what switchyard is).