Can I use function in TableQuery ?

for example ” I hava a table person

    cloumn1    id   (key), cloumn2     name, cloumn3     age ”

   Like this sql   “ select   id ,  [color=#f37a7a]

function(age) as age
[/color] from person "

       Can     I  use TableQuery  to      build    as   table DataSource?   

 Or  must I  use FreeformQuery??


public Object generateCell(Table source, Object itemId, Object columnId) {
Property prop =

        if (prop.getType().equals(String.class)) {
             String sporp=(String)prop.getValue();
       String  sporp2=  sporp.replaceAll( neirong,"<span style=color:red>" + neirong + " </span>");
Label label = new Label(sporp2 ,Label.CONTENT_XHTML);

// Label label = new Label(String.format(format,
// new Object{(String) prop.getValue()}),“CONTENT_XHTML”);

            // Set styles for the column: one indicating that it's
            // a value and a more specific one with the column
            // name in it. This assumes that the column name
            // is proper for CSS.
            label.addStyleName("column-" + (String) columnId);
            return label;
        return null;

I flexible solved as above!!