Can I reuse a componet in vaadin got from servlet project?

Hi all, I am very new in vaadin. My first message

The question is:
Suppose a system implemented using servlet approach. The system is called OpenGTS (please, see demo here by clicking demo button and then “Track Vehicle locations on a map”)
OpenGTS makes use of a component that can display a map , positions, etc.

Is it possible to reuse that map component in vaadin without any problems?
I would like to use it in my future and first vaadin project.
Does anyone allready did that?

Thanks a lot


Yes. Look at the bottom part of this page in the Vaadin book
Embedded browser page

I read that Embedded componen just:

“You are right. Embedded is a generic embedding component. It might contain Java Applet, Flash, Image, Video, Sound, … And thus clicklistener is quite impossible to implement.”

I need that the map component react to scroll mouse button, click, etc

Is it possible? (if so I will try to solution it, otherwise i have to give up. sorry about my ignorance in vaadin)



Embedded with BROWSER type just creates an iFrame. If your application works in an iframe (and it should) there is no reason it would not run under Vaadin.

do you mean to embed the whole application opengts or is it possible to embed only the map widget. i just wwnt to reuse the map widget for other purpose. is it possible?
thanks a lot

I’m afraid you’re going to have to look at the code and see how the “widget” was built and what it expects. In other words you need to figure out how to call that servlet “stand-alone” – how can you pass it the information about which truck, which user, and so on. If you are able to do that, then you can embed it. The easiest case is when you can run the code of the servlet in the same web application. If you cannot do that, then you should look at the xss addon by Matti Tahvonen.

ok understood now. as i am also a beginner in servlet too i will spend some time studying the component in the servlet perspective and then i hope we will talk about it again
thank you very much