Can anyone help me. LiveReload not working on eclipse any help

Live reload fix in eclipse || any tricks available

How is it not working? Are you seeing any errors?

What type of live reload are you using? Spring Boot DevTools, JRebel, DCEVM?

i’m using Spring Boot DevTools. I don’t see any errors

Does the live reload widget in the Vaadin app (the little icon in the lower right corner) show a green dot and say it’s connected?

Remember that you need to compile the project for changes to get picked up.

IIRC, Eclipse builds the file on save by default, but in case you’ve changed that or it’s not working, try manually triggering a build to see if that gets picked up

How can i manually trigger a build in eclipse

Ctrl + B maybe?

I haven’t used Eclipse in over a decade, so I don’t remember off the top of my head :sweat_smile:

okay Thanks