can anybody help? I can't find how to pass parameters to embedded vaadin


I want to embed vaadin in a jsp page and want to send some parameters.
By caling the context directly I can send parameters:

The integration code I copied from the index page (the first page, if you call the vaadin context directly).
The important codeline is:

= {appUri:‘/web-admin/’, pathInfo: ‘/’, themeUri:‘/web-admin/VAADIN/themes/mytheme’, versionInfo : {vaadinVersion:“6.2.0”,applicationVersion:“NONVERSIONED”},“comErrMsg”: {“caption”:“Communication problem”,“message” : “Take note of any unsaved data, and click here to continue.”,“url” : null}};

It works fine, but I do not know where to put my parameters into the code?
I have tried:
but I only get a red box on the top with “Communication problem”.

Can anybody tell me a good solution or a thread with the solution?

Thanks in advance

I am also messing around with this few days now…
I am interested for possible solusions.
Thank you.


I have not currently enough time to test this, but I suppose that you can access http parameters (also in case of embedded vaadin app) when you make your Application to implement com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.HttpServletRequestListener. Please, search also the Vaadin forum with keyword HttpServletRequestListener, there seemed to be couple of threads related to the topic.

Please, tell me if you need further help, I can read this thread again when I have more time…