callFunction with JavaBeans as parameters not working

I’m trying to use the callFunction method of a custom javascript component.
In the AbstractJavaScriptComponent javadoc it’s written that we can pass JavaBeans as parameters however this does not work for me, the function is properly called on the client’s JavaScript however the object received on the client side does not have the properties of the object provided as a parameter (it’s shown as an empty {proto: Object}).
When I provide primitive values it works properly it’s only for JavaBeans that it does not work, am I missing something here?
My JavaBean has a no args constructor as well as all the getters/setters finally it implements the Serializable interface.

I’m using the latest vaadin version 7.4.4


This has happened to me too :frowning:

I was really shocked because this used to work with Vaadin 7.1.x which used the JSONObject.

Now we are trying to migrate to Vaadin 7.5.3 which uses elemental.json and JsonObject and it does not work.

The JsonCodec.encode method can’t handle a simple Java bean.