Calendar questions


we are working on a new Vaadin 7.1 application which uses the built in Calendar UI component.

So far we manage to get most things to work, but a few questions still remain:

We fill in the data via a custom CalendarEventProvider which implements these two interfaces:

class ReservationProvider implements CalendarEventProvider, CalendarEditableEventProvider

The initial load of the calendar events work fine.

But when we add a new event to the calendar via the addEvent(…) method, the addEvent method in the provider is called and we can save it to the database.
But the event is then not visible in the calendar, probably we need to fire some event, but which one ?

Since we implement CalendarEditableEventProvider to allow editing/resizing of events, we get notifications
when events change.
Is there a weay to conditionally prevent such a resize depending on some business logic ?


No one ?