Calendar: How to display lines for each 15min (in place of 1 hour)


I have to use the Vaadin Calendar to replace an old implementation made with a JQuery plugin.
And my calendar must show one line for each 15 min (see screenshot) in place of the default Vaadin implementation (1 line = 1 hour).

How can I do that?

Thank you!

The time span of one slot in is I’m afraid hard coded into the client side implementation of Calendar (WeekGrid.slotInMinutes) and is not easily changed.

The best (and worst) suggestion I can give is to just copy the Calendar classes into your project and make the necessery adjustments to them directly.

And this is not acceptable for my needs… :frowning:
Well I have to found a solution… thank you for your help.

And how can I extract theses classes?

Well I just discover the AbstractExtension API for Vaadin 7 (
Do you think it’s possible to do what I want with that?

I also have an another issue: the maximum width for each event must be 50% of the day column size.