Calendar GetEvents Called during eventClick?

I have a calendar event Click handler, which opens a details windows, dispalying my calendar event. I notice, that when this is executed (ie when the even is clikced), my getEvents method is executed (meaning the calendar will be refreshed unecessarily)? How can i prevent this and force the refresh only when a change is made?

public class MeetingEventProvider implements CalendarEventProvider {

    public List<CalendarEvent> getEvents(Date startDate, Date endDate){
        System.out.println("GET EVENTS. STARTDATE = "+ startDate.toString()+"; END DATE = "+endDate.toString());


calendar.setHandler(new EventClickHandler() {
public void eventClick(final EventClick event) {

            System.out.println("ClickEvent fired START");
            MeetingEvent meetingEvent = (MeetingEvent) event.getCalendarEvent();                
            Meeting m = meetingEvent.getMeeting();
            System.out.println("ClickEvent fired END");