Calendar Drag and Drop Events disappearing


I’m having a problem with drag and drop events in the Vaadin Calendar.

I have a calendar that is displaying a Month view. (this works fine)
I’m creating plain BasicEvent objects in the Calendar (also fine)
Generally, dragging and dropping seems to work just fine, EXCEPT in the Month of March.

As an example, if I have an event on March 22nd, I can click and drag the event, and it appears to be dragging and appearing on other days just fine. UNTIL I drag up to or past March 8th, in which case the event Title disappears. If I mouse back over to dates past March 8th the title appears again.

Conversely, if I have an event on March 4th, I can drag it forward and back from March 1st- March 8th, but anything past that and the event will also visibly disappear.

If I release the mouse, I can see printouts in the eventhandler that do correctly recognize the event moving to that date, but it still does not visibly appear in the Calendar.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I’ve tested this against other months and the functionality appears to be working just fine, the issue only seems to occur in the month of March (???). Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.