Calendar component with >100 schedules

I’m using the calendar component and I have a lot of schedules to manage for all employees. I’m finding it quite unusable on a week/day view after a lot of schedules have been entered. Just wondering if anyone perhaps knows how to style this so it’s maybe more like the month view for a calendar. I’ve attached a screenshot of how it looks on the week view. Thanks!

It’s… beatiful! :slight_smile:

I can probably help with theming/styling if you let me know what you want it look like. Any examples?


Thanks Joacim! I guess I just want it to be like a vertical bar thats thin with the start to end time and the name of the employee shown. I tried playing with the css to get the text to be vertical but didnt get anywhere good.

Is there any room for adding an additional axis of employees, you think, which might make it easier to read like the image attached. Viewing an individual employee’s schedule is clean enough, just messy when a lot of employees come into play or the week view which is the most messy looking.

Not exactly sure if I understand; the image attached shows a day view.

You can rotate the text with
transform: rotate(90deg)
(and display: inline-block). But I think you’ll run into other style issues.

Perhaps flipping the hour and day axes would work. But I don’t know if that’s supported in the calendar.

Yeah it doesn’t. I was just looking at it for inspiration but I don’t think the calendar allows for all this.

I’ll try out the transform. Thanks!