Calendar and first day of week


I’ve added a calendar to a Liferay portlet.

I want to only display days from Monday 'til Friday so I configured the calendar as follows:

this works fine as long as I use the English locale. When the user switches to a different locale (e.g. French or German), the suddenly the calendar shows days from Tuesday 'til Saturday.

I wonder if that’s related to the following facts:
java.util.Calendar.MONDAY has the value 2 and java.util.Calendar.FRIDAY has the value 6.

With the English locale the week starts on Sunday but in French and German locale, the week starts on Monday thus there is an offset by one day.

So what would be the best way to make the calendar always show the days from Monday - Friday, regardless of the Locale the user has selected?

Many thanks in advance for your support.


i have the same Problem here (vice versa)
With my german firefox i get the Mondy as the first day of week. With the english Version - it’s the Sunday.

Are there any Solutions?