Buttons get stuck when pushed? (Liferay 6.1.X)

I have a couple of Vaadin apps running as liferay portlets. Things were working fine as I developed my apps, but today I’ve discovered that every button on my Vaadin portlets stays down when pushed and only pops back up when the mouse is clicked anywhere else. Otherwise the buttons work correctly, it’s like they’re not getting the mouse-up events I guess. I know that mouse-up events aren’t transmitted to the server, so not sure how to debug this problem?

I’ve tried it with both chrome 21 and firefox 13 on windows 7. LIferay is 6.1.1-ga2.

It appears that the change that broke the buttons was a switch from liferay 6.0.6 to 6.1.1-ga2. I also tried liferay 6.1.0-ga1, it shows the same problem. I even tried a new minimal vaadin app, with just a label and a button, and it has the same problem.

I’m guessing that this has something to do with changes in the look of liferay from 6.0.6 → 6.1. Maybe Vaadin 7 will include a fix for this? Anybody know of any workarounds?

Have you recompiled your widgetset(s)?

Newer Liferay versions have newer Vaadin versions bundled with them. If you have compiled a widgetset (e.g. with the Vaadin Control Panel for Liferay), it will be compatible with the older Vaadin JAR rather than the new one. The control panel can also be used to upgrade the shared Vaadin version on the portal.

Thanks for the suggestion. Originally I just installed Vaadin 6.8.1 per instructions on the Vaadin site: copy over the vaadin.jar and replace /webapps/ROOT/html/VAADIN.

So now I tried using the Vaadin control panel liferay portlet to recompile the widget set per your recommendation. I redeployed my portlet and all of my buttons are still stuck.

Then I tried upgrading to Vaadin 6.8.2, and recompiling the widget set again. Still no luck.

I just discovered that this (
) solves the problem, so it appears that the buttons are keeping focus and that’s causing them to appear pressed.

Still don’t know why version 6.1.X of liferay is causing the buttons to stay focused when 6.0.6 didn’t.

Does anybody have working buttons in a vaadin portlet in liferay 6.1.X?

I encountered the same problem and was able to solve it using the CSSInject add-on to inject the following piece of CSS:

.v-button:active .v-button-wrap, .v-button.v-pressed .v-button-wrap, .v-button:focus .v-button-wrap {
background: #d4d4d4 url(/html/themes/classic/images/portlet/header_bg.png) repeat-x 0 0 !important}