Button Toolbar Vaadin 7

I would like to create a simple button toolbar with a horizontal Layout.
But the button´s (with 16x16 icons) I add are not squarish.
What can I do ?


You need to adjust the button padding in order to make them narrower.

Something like

.v-button-wrap {
padding-left: 0;
padding-right: 6px;

should do it.

ok, thanks for that !

I create a theme “myTheme” with the wizzard
so a got now the annotation “@Theme(“myTheme”)” in my code and the two style files

style.scss and

But where do i have to put the custom style ?

I can´t see any effect after putting the code into the file.


I added it into myTheme.scss file - after the remark " /* Insert your theme rules here */" :slight_smile:
and now it works - guess Eclipse wasn´t totally in sync.