Button in table

Simple question, but can’t figure out the answer

I need to put a button in each row of a Table linked with BeanItemContainer. I saw many examples but actually none of them works :

  • I can’t put any additional fields into a bean - its an entity
  • I can’t add columns by addContainerProperty - not possible for BeanContaner
  • Field factory (myTable.setTableFieldFactory) doesn’t work either as Button is not an instance of Field
    any ideas how to achieve that?

I do not know your context and what you are trying to achieve. One alternative you could study could be to use Grid instead and the Button renderer which is standard part of the framework.

Hi, the context is that I need to display a list of entities in a table and add some controll buttons in each row: delete/edit in each row.
Is that feasible with a Table component?