Button disableOnClick with ClickShortcut

I’ve set a button to disable on click, and this works when clicked regularly, but not when “clicked” through a keyboard shortcut. Is there any workaround for this or am I just using it wrong?

Yes, this is a known issue and unfortunately not easy to fix without significant changes to the shortcut handling architecture. Please see tickets

I don’t think you’re doing something wrong as the keyboard-shortcut is, i think, not reliable on the OnClickDisabled property.
As a workaround you could use a boolean to control whether you execute something or not, like: public void onclick(){ if(clickdisabled==false){ //do something } } You just have to set the variable too when you disable the click on the button.

Edit: Nevermind. after i posted this i saw johannes’ answer (I thought you were talking about a ShortcutListener). Still as a workaround you could use the boolean.