button caption is not displayed at first just only after refresh (f5)

hello vaadiners,

I in a tabsheet I have to tabs:

  • incoming
  • outgoing

by default the when the user clicks the my messages menü item the incomming tab is active, and everything is ok, all the button captions are visible but when I switch to the outgoing tab 1 get what can be seen on the first screenshot (the search button is caption-less), and it only gets its caption right after I hit refresh (f5) in the browser

how can it be?

My application is multilingual/internationalized (english hungarian bilingual), and every button has an initial hard coded english caption, and every button gets translated to the currently logged in users language when the buttons parent component is attached to the main window/application (in the parent containers attach method)

is it posible that the attach method is not called properly at first because for example the attach event is not fired properly?

and what method gets called / what is the client server communication flow when I hit refresh in the browser

it seems to me, that when the outgoing tab is displayed at first the buttons caption is set to null or empty string which means that the translation for that button is not available at the moment

but when I hit refresh the translation becomes magically available?

I store the translations in a simple java HashMap

Can it be a syncronization or serialization issue of the HashMap?
Or it is a vaadin related issue?


This looks like the ClickShortcut issue we had a while ago. Does the Search button perhaps have a click shortcut defined or have you defined a ShortcutListener on the button?

The click shortcut issue should be fixed in the most recent nightlies at least so you could try those and see if it fixes your issue.

I think you are right :slight_smile:

there is/was a line in my code which says

searchButton.setClickShortcut(KeyCode.ENTER, null);

I commented it out and tada problem solved :slight_smile:

But can explain me why this problem exists ?

And can this click shortcut issue other side effects ( for example causing exceptions, which breaks the application at login which is mentioned in my previosus post

if I remember well there is also a click shortcut on the login button… so maybe this click shortcut issue appears there as well…

And can you tell me when this clickshortcut issue will be fixed?

Is there a ticket for it for example ?