button border visible

Hi, I am running the addressbook tutorial. I find that the border for buttons in the toolbar is visible in both Chrome and IE . i haven’t made any changes to code. Is there any other way to make the borders of the buttons invisible?

Do you mean the one hour addressbook tutorial final version from here https://vaadin.com/tutorial/-/chapter/themeing.final.html ? Works for me. Did you get it to work already?

Ok now I reproduced it. I just imported the project without any modifications. It’s quite old tutorial and the project has Vaadin 6.2.5. The custom theme in the project doesn’t really work with 6.7.

You can change the buttons to be link buttons in createToolbar(). Call setStyleName(BaseTheme.BUTTON_LINK) for each of the buttons. Or you could modify the custom theme and add .toolbar .v-button-wrap selector and disable border and background and box-shadow etc. Easier to use link buttons though. To get rid of the underlines in the button captions, replace the .toolbar .v-button span selector with .v-button-link .v-button-caption { font-size: x-small; text-shadow: #fafafa 1px 1px 0; } and there text-decoration: none;