Built-in themes in eclipse

There are only the vaadin theme in /VAADIN/themes/. In order to use de Reno theme I figure that it has to be there. How do I achieve that, can I download it from somewhere?

To use the built-in themes when you not want to make any changes you just have to do something like this:
Vaadin 7: @Theme("runo") public class MyVaadinUI extends UI{ ... } Vaadin 6: public void init(...){ setTheme("runo"); } If you want to use the runo theme as base but still eventually make some changes to it you can create your own theme and @import the runo style.css in your theme style.css.
More Information

… and just to clarify that the standard themes are included in Vaadin JARs (vaadin-6.x.y.jar for Vaadin 6, vaadin-themes-7.x.y.jar for Vaadin 7) and are used from there. They should not be in the themes directory of your project. The new project wizard and archetype automatically add dependencies that include the themes JAR for Vaadin 7.