Built a page to test a TextField does not work anymore.

It was working but now it does not show anymore on the page. Only the button is shown

public class MainView extends VerticalLayout {

	private static final long serialVersionUID = 0L;

     * Construct a new Vaadin view.
     * <p>
     * Build the initial UI state for the user accessing the application.
     * @param service The message service. Automatically injected Spring managed bean.
    public MainView(@Autowired GreetService service) {

        // Use TextField for standard text input
        TextField textField = new TextField("LineEnd ");

        // Button click listeners can be defined as lambda expressions
        Button button = new Button("Click response");
               button.addClickListener(click -> {
                 Notification.show(service.greet(textField.getValue().replace("\n", "/")+" This is the second"));
                 Notification.show(service.greet(textField.getValue().replace("\r", "/")+" This is the second"));
//        Notification.show(service.greet(CleanPath.cleanString(textField.getValue())));

        // Theme variants give you predefined extra styles for components.
        // Example: Primary button is more prominent look.

        // You can specify keyboard shortcuts for buttons.
        // Example: Pressing enter in this view clicks the Button.

        // Use custom CSS classes to apply styling. This is defined in shared-styles.css.

        add(textField, button);




I guess your button style “centered-content” takes the entire vertical space for the button. So the text field is outside the visible area.

Otherwise please post your shared-styles.css