Building from source - Ubuntu / Eclipse

Im am new to vaadin and somewhat new to java programing in general. With that said, I’m trying to load a source project ( in Eclipse and run it. I have been able to import the project in eclipse using the import existing project, but I cannot get the project to run successfully. I have tried a few different projects with no success, various HTTP errors.

All requirements for vaadin and eclipse are properly installed as I can create a new project and run it with no problems.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips to get me started?

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do. The contains the source code for Vaadin (as well as many add-ons and other projects). You don’t need to use that to make Vaadin applications. You just need the Vaadin plugin for Eclipse. It automatically downloads the Vaadin library when you create a new project.

If you are looking for example projects that use Vaadin and
want to build them yourself, they are in You can check them out for example with “svn co”. However, they do not normally contain Eclipse project files, so you can’t import them. (If they do, the project files are not generic and may contain bad absolute paths.) What you can do is to create a New Project with Dynamic Web Application type and use the checked out directory with “Use existing directory”.

However, if you are new to Vaadin and Java in general, I suspect that that is not what you want to do. If you want to see example source code, just browse them in the
. I might suggest, for example, the
, which is a small example application. You might want to look at the
Vaadin Tutorial
first though.

I think the only project that you can import in Eclipse is the QuickStart project in the Vaadin installation package. It contains source code for the demos, which you can tinker with. See the Book for instructions for importing it.

Thanks for your reply,

To be more specific Im trying to import cms into eclipse. Sounds like I need to create a dynamic project which I have done, now how do I “Use existing directory”