Build with 'production' goal on same machine for both Vaadin 14 and 23

Hi all,
seems that vaadin 23 pushing latest nodejs to C:\Users{user name}.vaadin if node version not fit the requiement.
the problem is that same machine also build older versions of app which use vaadin 14. This usage end with nodejs open issue:

i thought maybe use ‘nvm use’ before builds, or maybe vaadin can support different node for different versions.
any other idea?

If you have nvm, that’s probably the easiest solution for now.

Are you saying that the 14 build is not working with the newer Node version?

Nodejs 14 is only supported til Mai 2023. I would recommend to update your server / other project to Nodejs 16. Both Vaadin and hopefully your app can be build with Nodejs 16 if your OS is currently to old for Nodejs 18. (

Hi. i change to 16.19.0 vaadin 23 still loading latest from some reason what still make me need to clear the .vaadin folder. i will try maybe after reboot too. but i dont see it make any difference.

It’s always going to load the latest version if it could not find a proper installed and supported node - if you e.g. use “node --version” and see v14, you have still the old version installed

could be it not find nodejs cause of using nvm? i did change to 16.19.0 which suppose to be good for 23 and it still brings latest