Build error with Apache commons

@joint-emu surfaced this issue on Twitter:

The Vaadin Quick Start todo app fails to build on his computer. Tried with Maven 3.6.0 and 3.8.6, Java 17 and Java 11. He’s on Xubuntu 22.04.

It seems to be caused by having the wrong Apache Commons on the classpath, but I can’t figure out why.

I’ll attach the log in the thread.

errorlog.txt (125 KB)

By now I also updated to the latest version of Java 11 to rule out that maybe my old version of Java might have contributed, but 11.0.17+8 makes no differnece

I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem locally

What OS are you on?

The dependency graph (commons-io) looks really outdated with 2.5 - currently it’s 2.11.0

I’m on macOS and Java 17, so pretty different setup.

@full-of-life-owl also tried reproducing

well at least Java 17 yields the exact same result for me, so it’s not the version of java that causes this

Can you show us the pom?

where do you see commons-io 2.5, in the lookup URL it says 2.8.0 for me? :thinking:

this is literally the pom from here:
All I did was unpack it

My eyes are bad and it’s dark :sweat_smile: you are probably right, but still old

Would be interesting to know how it ended up there based on the same pom

interested in the effective pom? Maybe there’s some hidden version range dependencies that somehow get resolved oddly on my setup

Might be worth taking a look, yeah

effectivepom.xml (262 KB)

Maybe a bit of general information: I do a lot in maven, so I don’t find it highly likely that something severe is broken, I would have more backwash than this (this is the first time in like 7 Years I had maven issues where I have no idea how they are caused)

Do you mind zipping up the project and sharing it just so I’m 100% sure to be looking at the same thing as you are (although I don’t know why it would be any different from the one I just downloaded)

sure, give me a minute