Bug with Grid Pro + touch + combo box / time picker editors?

Hi guys,

Just noticed an issue when doing some testing on mobile devices - when using a combo box within a Grid pro (have not tested other grids) - the combo boxes collapse when scrolling the combo box or time picker.

So when you click the cell - the grid goes into edit mode and the combobox overlay pops up. Then when you scroll the combo box using touch, after a moment the combo box will close and the grid will exit edit mode (as if the user has touched off the combobox overlay).

This happens with comboboxes and time pickers that I have tested so far where the user scrolls with touch. Scrolling the combobox or timepicker using mouse or trackpad works as expected.

Tested on several android tablets, iOS and chrome tablet - behavior is identical on all of them (combo box collapses after a moment of touch to scroll).

note that touch to select an item that’s already on screen works fine.
To reproduce:

Setup a grid-pro with an editor field with a time picker, or a combobox that has enough items to require scrolling.
Running spring boot starter, vaadin 14.0.15.

I’ll upload a video here when I get a chance.

Hello, thank you for reporting this. I tried to reproduce and noticed that combo-box is indeed broken in Grid Pro.

Created an issue so we can take a look: https://github.com/vaadin/vaadin-grid-pro/issues/107

Hi Serhii,

Thanks for raising the bug.
Can confirm this issue also persists with v14.1.0.

Let me know if you need any further information for testing.

To clarify on your bug report

  • the combo box works fine if you interact with it via mouse. Mouse interaction on a chrome tablet is 100% fine.
  • the interaction goes weird with touch interaction only (like trying to scroll the combo with touch. selection with touch is OK, if your required option happens to be on screen).
  • This issue is not related to on-screen keyboard pop, as it will also happen when a keyboard is connected (no kb pop) - but you still try to interact with touch.
  • this is also an issue with time picker element - so this is not just related to combobox - likely the overlay element?

Serhii, do you happen to know if this has been a problem for all vaadin14 versions? or is this potentially a regression?

The reason I ask is I need to deploy this for a client, and just found this bug right before deploying the code as I test on desktop.

This seems to be related to column sizing.

With the time pickers, if I force a width on the column, I no longer get the overlay collapsing.
The same does not work for combo box, though.