Bug in Vaadin sub window

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with vaadin subwindow. The thing is i have a ComboBox that is added to a vaadin subwindow. When i choose an Item from the ComboBox a JFreeChart(using JFreeChartWrapper addon) appears in the subwindow.
The Problem is when i choose another item, another JFreeChart is added but below the first one ! so i have two JFreeCharts in my subwindow which too UGLY !
The combobox is set to Immediate but the problem is still there. What i need is that only one JFreeChart must appear and which corresponds to the selected item. is there any solutions for this !!!

Please Help !!!

My guess is, you are creating a new instance and adding that also to the ComponentContainer in the window, everytime value changes in your combobox; without removing the old ones.

Can you put up the code or pseudo-code of your Combobox listener?

BTW why did you call it a BUG?

Thanks a lot Lawal ! i don’t remove the component from the Vertical Layout. And it’s not a BUG :wink: