Bug in OptionGroup


Here is a simple example using an OptionGroup. The combination of immediate & nullSelectionAllowed leads to a strange behavior in the UI: The OptionGroup works fine if I click the round buttons but if I click the labels nothing is selected.

Here is my code,

public class TestForm extends Form {

	public TestForm() {
		OptionGroup priceModel = new OptionGroup("Price Model");

		this.addField("Price Model", priceModel);

Should I file a bug ?

Just to be clear: do you mean that if you remove line 8 or 10 in your example, it works as expected?

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Yes, it works as expected if I remove 8 or 10 or both. The strange thing is that clicking on the labels instead of the bullets does not produce the same behavior.

Could someone explains what is the meaning of setNullAlowed for OptionGroup ?


There is a bug in the selection of an option in GWT 1.6.4 (used in Vaadin 6.0.x) which causes different behaviour when clicking on labels than on the bullets (see
for details). This has been fixed in GWT 1.7.0 (used in the upcoming Vaadin 6.1.0) so I would suggest you try the latest nighlty build and see if it fixes the problem.

This is probably related to this one … http://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/3066


Edit : Sorry Artur I did not see you post :wink: thanks for the update