Bug in Grid with Hidden Columns?

Maybe I have found a Bug in Vaadin 7.6.8.

I have Grid with a BeanItemContainer with at least 2 rows!
buffered = false

If I change a value in editmode of first row, which cell is behind the hidden column (HiddenCell ist on position 2 and edited Cell is on Positon 3). If I now change the value and press RETURN Key, then the change value will be set to new editied next Row.
Internal the framework fires first the move of edited cell (in initGrid() … EditorServerRpc void bind(int rowIndex)
instead of setter in bounded BeanItem.

Everthing is ok if:
a) invisible Columns are behind edited column e.g. if i edit cell on column position 1 where hiddencolumn is on position two.
b) I don’t use Return Key but mouseclick instead.

Hi Rene,

if you find any bugs or want a missing feature to be implemented in Vaadin, you can create a Ticket at

In regard of your Bug:

i also noticed the same behavior and created a Ticket several weeks ago. (