Bug? Client side sending changes for disabled table

When I hide a table with content using table.setVisible(false), the next transmission from the Javascript side includes a pagelength change to the table:

Variable burst to be sent to server:
PID63 (class com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.client.ui.VScrollTable) :
pagelength (i) : 20
PID66 (class com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.client.ui.VTabsheet) :
selected (s) : 2

This logs a warning on the server:

Warning: Ignoring variable change for disabled component class com.vaadin.ui.Table, caption= [c.v.t.g.s.AbstractCommunicationManager]

Searching for this online, I found that this same behavior has been fixed a couple of times for other components, so I think it’s a bug. Other thoughts?

Using Vaadin v6.8.9.

Yeah, this is probably a (harmless) bug. Shouldn’t happen in Vaadin 7 as invisible components are removed, not just hidden, on the client side.

Technically this can still happen as a result of simultaneous changes on the client and the server, but the time window for this to happen is normally very small and this is harmless in those cases - the last change from the UI is ignored by the server.