Buffering Forms in Book of Vaadin 7 (9.4.4)

I was trying to create a simple example along the lines of the one in section 9.4.4 of the Book of Vaadin 7. However, the example uses an addComponent() method to a Panel object which doesn’t seem to exist. I’m using the latest version of the book (dated 9th April 2013).

I am not that proficient with Java so the error is probably mine but I can’t seem to get past this and would value some help.

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob,

The examples in The Book have not been completely updated for v7 - this particular one has not been updated.

If you look the the left of the example in the online HTML version of the app, you’ll see a green “Demo” link - it should take you to the
Book Examples app
, which contains most of the example code in the app up and running.

This is a running version of that particular example
- withou the buttons, it seems.
This one contains the OK/Discard buttons




Ah many thanks Charles. Simple when you know how!