BrowserWindowOpener and dynamic url

I need impelementation of BrowserWindowOpener with dynamic url, I want open the files in broser by button click (I know there is other way and use Page.getCurrent().open… but I need also the features function to disable url change in bar)
so how can I use dynamic url for BrowserWindowOpener

See this topic :!/thread/4731272/4731271, I think it’s what are you looking for

I’m gonna check if this will work for me :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: this was enought for me, I got one more question:
how can I make/open the same window(with disable URL bar) without using browserWindowOpener ?

I have created an OnDemandFileDownloader that extends FileDownloader so I can generate a dynamic file name and dynamic content generated on the fly (or retrieved from a database).

Are there any examples of doing something similar for BrowserWindowOpener? That is, I have dynamic HTML and HTML I retrieve from a database that would be associated with lots of buttons and I don’t want to get any of that dynamic content until the button is pressed, and then show that content in the popup window.

Right now, I’m still using:

Page.getCurrent().open(sr, "_blank", true);

I’d like to switch to BrowserWindowOpener if possible to use with dynamically generated content that should just be shown and not downloaded.

Maybe something of this will give you a new idea:

Currently discussing a solution to this under forum thread:!/thread/4843509