BrowserCookies from 6 to 7


I’m trying to upgrade browsercookie add-on from 6 to 7.

Is it possible to do it ?

I have done it :

public class BrowserCookies extends AbstractComponent implements LegacyComponent { ... } @Connect(BrowserCookies.class) public class BrowserCookiesConnector extends AbstractComponentConnector implements Paintable { ... } public class BrowserCookiesWidget extends Widget { ... } While running my application, I get this message

Vaadin browser Widgetset 'com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet' does not contain implementation for com.vaadin.browsercookies.BrowserCookies. Is it the right way to do ?

I guess the problem is in the ckeditor-connector add-on that I try to upgrade from 6 to 7. I have include the BrwoserCookie add-on widgetset in ckeditor-connector’widgetset. How can I validate ckeditor-connector add-on content ?



I would create it in bit different way in Vaadin 7. You don’t need to create a “component” and not even client side extension. I just created a similar “component”
into Viritin
. It will be available in next release, but you can try it now by building it locally.


That’s very nice and more simple.