Browser TimeZone in DateField

Hi there,

i have a question about the timezone handling in datefield’s , in our application there is a datefield which displays a date value.

The user and his client browser are in another timezone than the server, now the datefield displays always the GMT time of the date value with the timezone of the server.
You can test this if you change your locale timezone to one different from finnland :bashful: and test it with the vaadin
demo sampler at vaadin

To set the timezone from the infos in com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.WebBrowser is no further help because in our environment, the class always displays the server timezone and time.

In my opinion the component should display the time correctly with care of the browser timezone (without manual timezone selection from the user) and the component should use the GMT time internally and display it at runtime (javascript) with the timezone of the client browser.

Maybe there is someone with the same problem and a simpler solution…

Thanks in advance