Browser takes huge time to render JSON if it is very heavy

I am rendering a page which is very heavy, consists 60 – 80 grids of 5-6 rows each.
The server time is 9 seconds.
whereas the processing time takes 20-25 seconds.
As a result it is taking 25-30 seconds to render the page.

I got the following info in debug:

Server visit took

JSON parsing took 9ms
Unknown Embedded; no type or mimetype attribute
Processing time was
for 385880 characters of JSON

Is there any way to reduce this processing time.

It sounds to me like the issue is the 60-80 grids on one page!

Do they need to be Vaadin tables - could they be, say, labels with HTML table’s in?

A Vaadin table is a complex beast, that has lots of browser-code behind it.

They are not tables but the Grid Layouts.

The size calculations for GridLayout are also somewhat heavy, in part because they need to take into account features such as cell spanning and column expand ratios.

You could try to set explicit sizes for the layouts and their contents to see if it helps limit layout calculation time and create boundaries for layout recalculation propagation.

The layout changes in Vaadin 7 might also help some.

Hi henry,

You mean to say that…
I should set the size explicity for the Grids and Layouts.

I am setting width of the layouts and Grids in percentange.
Your suggestion is to set explicitly some pixel value…Am I going correct?