Browser Differences IE and Firefox - Scrollbars vanishing

Hello Vaadin-Forum,

again I have encountered some browser differences between IE 9 and FF 21.

First I thought it was a programming problem (just started with Vaadin some weeks ago):

For SelectionLists the scrollbars are gone when reducing the browser zoom in FF (ctl -).

This occurs only on FF.

Although Firefox is very popular (says the internet…) I found out the second
browser problem this week (strange button behaviour!/thread/3372911 ).

Experimented the last hours around with layouts and themes and it was not a problem from there.

Last trial: The browser zoom was the problem.

When I use IE this is not a problem.

Is it a general css implementation problem for FF?



A tip to find out if it is your own theme that messes up the theme: add ?theme=reindeer to the end of the url to temporarily use the default reindeer theme. Does the problem occur there as well. If yes, check with theme=runo as well. Then you know if it is your theme, the theme you extend or a global problems outside of theming.

If you still have the problem, try to see at if there is a ticket for that. If not, create a minimal test case where you can reproduce the problem and file a new ticket for it

Hello Jens,

thanks for answer.

I have checked it as you recommended it.

It seems to be a browser problem. With IE all is okay.

Addtional I found out that the selection of an element in FF is only possible in one way (down) with the mouse pointer. Sometimes it not possible to select the 2nd element (if you have 3 and shown are 2).

On the other hand:

When I integrate the selection lists in a very flat layout architecture it seems not to be a problem - for example directly attached to an UI´s vertical layout.

Are they are any pitfalls regarding nesting the Selection List in layouts?

Greetings Alex

Hello Jens,

I made a further test.

As mentiond in the last post there is not only a zoom problem.

There is an access problem with the scrollbar when visible. Only scrolling down wiht mouse is possible. Scrollup-Button not reacting. Second Item of 3 items not selectable with mouse.

In the attachment a part of the layout.
I use a toolbar (h-layout) with 2 nested layouts for left hand and right hand elements.

When removing other buttons on the right the access problem is solved.
But the Browser Zoom problems remains.

It is only a FF problem. There are any pitfalls with nested Layouts?

Please look to attachment.

Regards Alex

PS I will try to prepare a small example for ticket.

Those buttons and nested layout
not break the app. Sounds to me as a bug. Try to get a test case out of this and report it. The testcase should preferrably be an UI with less than 20 rows if code if only possible. The clearer the ticket is, the easier and faster it is to fix.