Broken production build with quarkus

Hello, i’m trying to deploy a Vaadin-Quarkus app, the application in devmode works perfectly, but whem i;m doing the production build with ./mvnw clean package -Pproduction and spin up the container, the regular login works as spected, but my main views look like this

Any errors on the browser console, network tab or server logs?

no errors, but switched to a new project and it’s working for now, this a weird issue, if needed could share the whole project privately

managed to migrate the whole project to a new base from the quarkus starter, it woks as intended, but it’s such a weird issue with the old one

okay, @versatile-zorse managed to pin down the issue to this

when i added this theme for the grid to highlight rows the css breaks

CSSImport is not the recommended way for loading stylesheets in the latest Vaadin versions

And there’s also an open issue about that PiT 24.2: error in console when customizing vaadin-button with @CssImport · Issue #17345 · vaadin/flow · GitHub

If possible try to migrate to application theme folder Application Theme | Styling | Vaadin Docs

This may fix the issue

okay, thanks for the info, i will try to migrate to the new way, but for some reason, i deleted the style, and the fuction of the style is still present, it’s highlighting the row