Break rows in tables

G’day all,

I’m rewriting the UI of my billing application using Vaadin. I have a problem that I’m not sure how to solve. In our software we make extensive use of tables which sort and group items together, wrapping them in header and footer rows. Here’s a typical example:

There are two break levels in this table. The 1st level is responsible for printing the “Total for this invoice” row which totals all of the rows together. The 2nd level groups the items together by the user that the items are charging wrapping them in a header (Example user ( and a footer with totals (Total for

My application’s framework can already calculate the rows including the header and footer “break” rows and their totals, but it seems that Vaadin’s table won’t be capable of emitting them. As far as I can tell, the rows must all have the same data in the same cells, but in our application, the break rows often have a different number of cells (Example). Is there any way to achieve what I need? Ideally I need a Table that allows me to emit standard rows with data for each defined column as well as special rows whose cells may span many columns with data types different to the table’s standard columns.


I just found ticket #1553 slated for 6.4.0. Doh! Perhaps I’ll see if I can write my own or submit a patch :wink: