BorderRadius not getting applied in the bottom

I’ve an icon like this and using the code ```
Icon icon = VaadinIcon.USERS.create();


Anyone can help here please ?

Can you please c+p the DOM for vaadin-icon in your browser?

Try adding the CSS border-collapse: separate

Also try overflow: hidden

This is because the icon itself is a separate SVG element which, by default, overflows the vaadin-icon wrapper. As Oliver suggested, overflow:hidden will take care of it.

or LumoUtility.Overflow.HIDDEN

Yes this one fixed the issue

Icon icon = VaadinIcon.USERS.create();
        icon.addClassNames(LumoUtility.Background.PRIMARY,LumoUtility.IconSize.LARGE,LumoUtility.BorderRadius.LARGE, LumoUtility.Overflow.HIDDEN);