Book of vaadin - Grid - Column captions


Book of vaadin says for Grids Column captions:

This is equivalent to setting it with setText() for the header cell; the HeaderCell also allows setting the caption in HTML or as a component, as well as styling it, as described later in Header and Footer. I think that’s not fully true.
Column caption is initially taken from the container and can be modified via

column.setHeaderCaption Afterwards the column header shows the new caption and the column list (to show/hide columns in the header) also contains the new header caption.

If I use

HeaderRow mainHeader = grid.getDefaultHeaderRow(); mainHeader.getCell("firstname").setText("First Name"); as mentioned later for Header and Footer, the new text “First Name” is NOT shown in the column list. Instead, you can read “firstname”.

I’ve tested this with vaadin 7.6.7

Can this be confirmed?

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