Book of Vaadin from

I love the ‘Book of Vaadin’ online as HTML and as a PDF. But I wanted something I could carry around, read in bed and mark up.

The book which
prints is so small (4.25 x 6.75 inches; 10.5 x 17.5 cm) that the font size and tight binding make the book unusable. Note the Product Details under SIZE – POCKET! This needs to be twice the dimension in order to be useful.

If anyone wants to take a peak on what the book looks like before getting it from Lulu, the pocket formatted book can be downloaded from

For those with Kindle DX or (most probably) iPad - the PDF linked above works beautifully on it.

Yeah, we considered a number of different formats, including that of the Donald Duck pocket books. We ended up with the small format as we thought that small is beautiful. Also O’Reilly prints some nice books with the same format.

Anyhow, we’ll probably have to grow the format at some point, simply because the book is getting so thick. On the other hand, if we also grow the font size, there’s not much benefit.

Any other opinions from users? Which book format do you think would be the best?

(Uh, my fingers are getting frozen as is my laptop battery, writing in sleeping bag in tent and it’s some -13°C outside.)