Book of Vaadin discrepancies

I apologize if this is not the correct forum for this post.

I am a Java developer who is looking at Vaadin to replace an applet based client side UI. I don’t know Vaadin (or GWT) at all, so I’m going through the Book of Vaadin. I am running into some discrepancies and problems, so I thought that I would list the problems. This is with Eclipse Kepler Service Release 2 and Vaadin 7.2.6.

  1. If you have a Tomcat 6 server defined, the File → New → Vaadin 7 Project shortcut will do
    absolutely nothing when you click it
    . It will only work if you have either no Tomcat server defined or only a Tomcat 7 server defined. It will fail to work if you have both Tomcat 6 and Tomcat 7 servers defined.
  2. In section 2.5.1 step 3, the book says: “You can click Finish here to use the defaults for the rest of the settings, or click Next.”, followed by “After the New Project wizard exits, it has done all the work for you: an UI class skeleton has been written to src directory and the WebContent/WEB-INF/web.xml contains a deployment descriptor.” in section 2.5.2, but this isn’t entirely true. You must click Next in the wizard and manually check "
    Generate web.xml deployment descriptor
    " in order to get a
    automatically generated for you.

I will continue working my way through the book and will follow up this post with others if desired. Please let me know if this is not the correct forum for these posts.


Ah, that section may have become slightly outdated, as the new WebServlet annotation is used nowadays for Servlet 3.0 and web.xml is only generated for Servlet 2.4 servlets.

Sure, you can post such issues to this thread if you like, or make Trac tickets at There are always many outdated details in the book, as things keep changing. Anyhow, I’m on vacation right now and will look into that after coming back.

The non-functional “Vaadin 7 Project” sounds a bit like a bug, but can’t look into that now (vacation).