Bold labels

What value should I set here --vaadin-input-field-label-font-weight to make the labels bold. I tried --vaadin-input-field-label-font-weight : bold but looks it is not correct

I tried this --vaadin-input-field-label-font-weight: 600; but not seeing any difference


Though I see the value here

This may help

which Vaadin version are you on, and what is the font family used to render the label?
(you can check that in the “Rendered Fonts” section at the bottom of the Computed section in Chrome’s devtools)

Vaadin V24.3.0, Browser : Firefox


We need the font that the browser uses to render it, not the CSS value.
In FF, you should find that in the Fonts tab in devtools

(It might be that the font used doesn’t have the font weight you’re specifying)


If I manually change this to 600, it works so I beleive the value --vaadin-input-field-label-font-weight: 600; is not taken into effect

I just tried it and it works like a charm. How do you apply that property value?

i.e. where do you put it?

I’ve this in the styles.css file

can you paste the css block where you apply it here?

sure. here is the screenprint



If I put directly like this, it shows as bold but I do not know how to add it in the styles.css