Blank Screen displayed after clicking static html link

Hi Guys

I’m hoping you guys can assist. This is a trick problem to explain so I have created a screencast with the demo of the problem.

Please view screencast here and make sure your speaker is on :
Screencast - 15.3 MB

WARNING : video is 15.3 MB big so if you have a limited data package it might not be a good idea to view it.

I have a login form, with 2 links on it (links to static html5). Everything works fine except in one scenario, if I click on the static links before clicking on the login button, I get an error on the login button if I input the incorrect username

PS: It’s gonna be difficult to make sense of this until you see the screencast

Any assistance would be appreciated


OK, problem solved (or at least well hidden)

I’ve changed my href
Back to login page
Back to login page

which effectively refreshes the application.

This hides the problem completely, and I guess I’ll never know why it does not work without the ?restartApplication.

PS: My apologies for the vague problem definition, but if you watch the screencast you can see that it’s indeed impossible to put into words :slight_smile: