Binding RadioButtonGroup

I am having trouble binding a RadioButtonGroup. The following will insert the selected value to the database but wehn i edit an existing record the corresponding radio button is not checked although the value is set in the database. Am I missing a step?

	RadioButtonGroup<String>ccOwner = new RadioButtonGroup<>();
	ccOwner.setItems("Owner1", "Owner2");
    binder.bind(ccOwner, Requisition::getCcOwner,Requisition::setCcOwner);

At least in your code example, you’re not calling either binder.setBean or binder.readBean / binder.writeBean

Sorry. This was further up in the code and I forgot to include it.

	BeanValidationBinder<Requisition> binder = new BeanValidationBinder<>(Requisition.class);

Same thing, though.

I found my issue. When I was putting together a more complete sample to upload I discoverd that I had set the RadioButtonGroup to disabled when anouther checkbox was checked. If the RadioButtonGroup is disabled it does not rtriev or show the value for that group. I changed the checkbox to set the RadioButtonGroup to readOnly instead and the values showed up fine.

Makes sense! Good that you figured it out.