Binding order

Is it possible to define the order of field binding during Binding Data to Forms? If not, in what order is it working at the moment?

The problem is I have quite a few of ValueChangeListeners. And this may be critical to read in certain order.

If not, can i submit a feature request?

The order is defined by your usage of binder::forField()

Maybe there is something to do in the code of the change listener, like check if the changes are coming from the client. When a value change listener triggers another…, that seems dangerous to me. ( Hard to maintain/debug)

There is a form with Combo A, Combo B and CheckboxGroup C. For each item in A there is a set of items for B. And each B has his own set for C. Have no idea how to fill it without listeners.
In this case it’s very important that A will be filled first during binding, then B, then C.

I usually fill the lists (setItems) before the bindings then update the value in the value change listener only if it’s coming from the client side. In that case the order doesn’t matter.