Binding BeanItem-Property to fieldgroup

I have a Combobox with BeanItemContainer as ContainerDataSource. How can I bind a BeanItem-Property to a fieldgroup?


Perhaps my problem discription was a littel short. I try it again:
I have a ComboBox with a List of Objects (YFEnum) as BeanItemContainer. This class looks as follows:

public class YFEnum implements Serializable {

@Id @Column(name="EN_ID")
private int id;

private String name;


In my form I would like to bind the ID of the YFEnum-Object via FieldGroup.bindMemberFields to a PropertyID. In my code I tried this as follows, but I know, this cannot work. Unfortunately, I don’t know how it could work:

protected ComboBox cbArt;

The Entity where “art” is a Property looks as follows @Entity @Table(name="PV_EDELMETALL") @DiscriminatorValue("PVEdelMetall") public class PVEdelMetall extends ProduktVereinbarung implements Serializable { @Column(name="PVEM_ART") protected int art; ....

How can I manage, to get the ID of the selected object (YFEnum) from the ComboBox to the PropertyID “art”?

Thanks Bernhard

is my question too stupid or too difficult or imprecisely specified that nobody can help me?