Binding a CustomField with @PropertyId


I’m trying to bind a CustomField that is composed by two textfields, using the annotation @PropertyId in a Form.

I’ve bound the normal Fields (TextField, ComoBox, etc.) with no problems but the value of the CustomField is not bound. I’ve overwritten the getValue() method to return the value of one of the two textFields in my CustomField, because I just need that value, but it seems that the binding is not retrieving the value with that method.

There must be a way to bind CustomField properties with @PropertyId… How can I set which value of my CustomField should be bound?

Thank you for your ideas!

I’ve found the solution: I was overriding the method getValue() and I had to override getInternalValue(). I feel that CustomField in Vaadin 7 has almost no documentation and no examples.

I hope this can be useful for someone. Thanks anyway!