Binder says no accessible setter

The entity class has @Getter @Setter and I’m able to see the setters as well. But still getting this error and all fields are ready only. Any clue ?

Mmm. Since none of the setter is found my guess is that the compiled class in classpath has not been processed by lombok, but the IDE for some reasons shows them.
I would try to clean and rebuild the project. Or “delombok” or inspect produced bytecode to check that the setters are there and have public visibility

As an alternative remove lombok annotations, make the IDE generate getters and setters and see if it works

IDE generate getters and setters worked. But When I’ve the same in a MappedSuperclass I get this error c.v.f.d.b.Binder$BindingBuilderImpl.bind 1041 - id does not have an accessible setter

If I add the Id directly into the entity class, it works without any error